Is Crickex Legal in India?

You have come to a reliable resource of quality and interesting information. In this article, you will learn about the leading provider of sports exchanges and sports betting. Is one of the most popular gambling sites in India Crickex reliable? And all the finer details on the subject. Only here is the most complete and necessary information about the legality and safety of the platform. Learn about it below.

Crickex service is absolutely legal for Indian users.

Is Crickex Safe in India?

Crickex is a legal platform for Indian players. The Gambling Act of 1867 made all forms of this activity illegal in India, but there is no federal law banning online betting. Sports such as cricket and many others are considered games of skill and are not retrieved from wagering in many states in India. There are clear differences between these areas, which this bookmaker has taken into account responsibly, so you have nothing to worry about. This platform is fully compliant with all the rules and requirements, it is in its interest to work long and have no problems with the laws. This is how it positions itself, so feel free to register and start betting. And thanks to the variety of payment systems and quick registration, you will have one pleasure from such a pastime.

It's safe to make bets at the Crickex.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Crickex in India

Finding a platform that matches all your requirements is a very important step today. It is fundamental. If your vendor is reliable and has good prospects, you’re halfway there. That’s why it’s so important. All of your future earnings depend on it. So especially for you, below are specific facts that will tell you how safe a bookmaker is.

Trusted Payment Options

The company has taken care of the convenience and comfort of its users. And it approached this direction very responsibly and enterprisingly. Thanks to this approach here, you can find the following some of the most popular and safe methods of payment:

  • Deposit (from INR 1, instant): bank transfer, payments UPI, Visa, Maestro;
  • Withdrawal: bank wire transfer, UPI payment, Visa, Maestro.

It is worth mentioning such important points as withdrawal of funds will take you on average 6 hours if you use the first two options. But the Visa and Maestro can take from 24 to 36 hours. As for the minimum amount of withdrawal, it starts from INR 2000, but the maximum amount may be up to INR 99,000.

Crickex uses convenient and proven transaction methods.

Easy Account Verification

Equally important at Crickex is the quick and easy verification procedure. This is necessary to maintain a high level of security, protection against fraud, and the high quality of services provided. In addition, only verified accounts have access to the functionality of the website and app. Verification is confirmation of the identity of the owner of the gaming account. The company has made this procedure as simple as possible so as not to delay users in their desire to take part in betting and casino games.

To use the Crickex service, you need to fill in personal data.

Accepts Indian Rupees

Crickex supports Indian Rupee (INR) currency, which made your bets on this website quicker and more convenient without currency translations. This complies with the rules set by FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) of India. FEMA requires betting sites to support INR currency so that Indian users can make deposits and withdrawals on their platform.

The Crickex payment system allows you to use Rupees.

Personal Information Is Safe

Thanks to all of the above procedures and compliance with certain regulatory rules, it is safe to say that all the information that goes into the database repository, and only stays there. The site is equipped with 128-bit SSL tools to encrypt and protect your personal information. Crickex also keeps your information secure with the latest firewall software. These are necessary and inviolable norms. Therefore, you can safely entrust both your personal data and financial means to this venue.

Your personal data is protected by the Crickex service.

Is Crickex a Scam?

This question can be answered clearly and accurately – no. Fraudulent companies do not take the trouble to obtain a license. They open quickly, running ads while reaching a large audience. And having earned the necessary amount of money by deceiving their users, they also quickly disappear from the market. What to say, the Crickex platform has been in operation since 2019. This speaks of its capacity. And here’s more why you can trust, to you some essential facts:

  • For about four years now, it’s been working well;
  • It tries to include all sorts of innovations for its users;
  • Constantly offers and updates its bonus offers;
  • Expands its line for betting;
  • Developed a convenient and reliable payment system: bank transfer, payments UPI, Visa, Maestro;
  • In addition to this, it also has a quality customer support center where you can write 24/7.

So yes, one can say firmly and confidently that the Crickex site is not a scam. And it works for a successful reputation. It has its own values and a certain brand policy.

The Crickex service is protected from being hacked by scammers.

Where Is Crickex Allowed in India?

Currently, the use of online casinos in India is a legal activity. But it is prohibited in some regions. These regulatory acts are still under review, which shows that the situation is not stable and things can change. But for now, let’s answer the most common questions about whether it is legal to use Crickex in the following states of India: 

  • Telangana. The Telangana Act of 2017 bans all types of gambling (land and online) and sports betting in the state. It is a punishable offense for which you can be imprisoned or fined;
  • Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh’s 2020 law also included a ban on online gambling and sports betting;
  • Karnataka. The state government amended the Karnataka Police Act of 1963, which went into effect in October 2021. And in February 2022, it led to a differentiation between games of skill and gambling. This brought relief to skill-based bookmakers. So you can legally access the platform to play skill-based programs;
  • Odisha. Like other states, Odisha is also subject to the 1867 Act, which prohibits the establishment of land-based casinos and gambling in the state;
  • Tamil Nadu. The platform is legal in India and recently Madras HC excluded an order banning online betting;
  • Assam. Regulated by the Assam Act of 1970 and 1867. However, neither mentions any restrictions on online gambling. They focus on banning land-based casinos only. Consequently, the platform is legal and available.

These are the main regions most often asked about by users.

Learn in which territories of India the Crickex service is allowed.

Crickex Legal and Restricted Countries

Also specifically for Indian users the table below with a list of countries where this site is allowed and prohibited. Read below:

India, Albania, Armenia, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Burundi, Burkina, Denmark, IndonesiaAfghanistan, Cuba, France, North Korea, Portugal

This information is taken from reliable sources and is currently the situation. But as mentioned above, in many regions the laws are under consideration, which indicates that changes are possible.

Final Say

Based on all written above, one can safely say that the Crickex platform is a legal and reliable resource for earning real income for Indian users. Due to the company’s responsible approach to details and different departments in development, the whole system works stable and provides high-class betting conditions. There are flexible and secure payment systems. As well as an extensive sports lineup. And much more, go to the site and enjoy a pleasant and profitable time!

You can use the Crickex service without fear.


Is Crickex a legal platform in India?

Absolutely, yes. The only thing is that in some regions of India there is still an active ban on land-based casino gambling, but this does not apply to online platforms.

Is Crickex a scam?

No. The site has been operating since 2019 and is interested in its continued prosperity and successful and reliable reputation.

Is Crickex app legal to use in India?

Yes. It is the Internet platforms that are the least exposed to various laws on bans. That’s why you can legally download the application for Android or iOS and bet with peace of mind.

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