Crickex Privacy Policy

Each user who creates an account on Crickex India voluntarily accepts the provisions of this privacy policy. In this document, you can read the rules, purposes, and ways of collecting, using, and storing the personal data of customers. If you do not agree with any of the points, do not register.

Your information is in safe at Crickex.

About Crickex Privacy Policy

Crickex India is an international bookmaker, and in accordance with industry standards and requirements, we collect and protect customers’ personal information. This is any information by which a unique customer can be identified. For example, place of residence, date of birth, phone number or email address.

We collect personally identifiable information about our customers to ensure that we continually improve the quality of our services and products. It also allows us to implement higher standards of user protection and counteract any type of fraud, money laundering or financial scams by unscrupulous individuals.

Users start transmitting their personal data to our servers the very first time they visit our legal site. Crickex India receives information through cookies, which your device automatically provides to us after you have consented to their use. We get information about where the connection comes from, what phone model and operating system you use, what internet you use, etc. In future interactions with the site and app, you continue to provide us with information about your payment instruments, date of birth, first name, and last name.

This information enables us to better fulfill our purposes:

  • Improving the quality of service and the services we provide to our customers;
  • Development of personalized bonus offers and promotions;
  • Implementation of more effective marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • Protection of users, their accounts and balances;
  • Preventing money laundering and fraud.

Many countries require by law the collection and storage of personal customer data. However, there are parallel requirements to ensure their safety and confidentiality.

Crickex betting and casino site implements HTTPS protocol as well as an SSL security certificate. This allows us to transmit all the data when you fill in the forms through secure channels. Also, the information is subjected to multi-level encryption, which protects it from being used by intruders even in case of leakage.

Bookmaker’s office, according to the privacy policy of Crickex India, can not transfer customers’ personal information to third parties. This information can only be used if the player is suspected of fraud. We may also use your name in promotional materials and news if you receive a big win.

Some information can be edited manually through your profile settings. If you wish to stop giving us information, write a waiver to that effect and send it to support.

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